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ICC finds insufficient evidence of Al Jazeera spot-fixing claims

The International Cricket Council said it has not found sufficient “credible and reliable evidence” regarding the spot-fixing claims made by Al Jazeera in 2018 and will not bring any charges

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Kate Moss auctions Sleep With Kate video as non-fungible token

Kate Moss joins a growing number of female celebrities who are attempting to take back some control of their own image using the new art form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

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Self-driving startup Aeva says its sensor can detect vehicles over 500m away

Self-driving sensor startup Aeva Technologies Inc , founded by former Apple Inc engineers, said on Thursday its sensor can detect other vehicles from beyond 500 meters and pedestrians from a

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Actor says TikTok used her voice without permission for viral text-to-speech feature

TikTok is being sued by a voice actor who claims to be behind its viral text-to-speech feature, but says she never authorized TikTok — or just about anyone, really —

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Google Flies in To Help Girl Scouts With Cookie Sales Shortfall – Delivering Thousands of Boxes Via Drone

In early April, Girl Scouts were experiencing a 50% shortfall in cookie sales, with reduced foot traffic and the pandemic limiting their ability to sell their iconic cookies in person—and

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