Delivering the Best News to you!

Can you imagine being able to actually search Twitter to find a conversation, instead of just scrolling through endlessly to hopefully find what you’re looking for? That could be a reality for Twitter DMs in the near future.

First off, the company’s finally bringing a DM search bar to Android today, nearly two years after it first appeared on iOS. More importantly, it’s going to drastically expand how helpful that bar is by surfacing older conversations and even actual words you’ve typed in those conversations sometime “later this year.” (Currently, you can only search for the names of the people you’ve spoken to.)

Frankly, I’ve rarely ever bothered to try Twitter search on mobile, since I’ve largely been an Android guy — and because Twitter’s mobile search doesn’t give you anywhere near the power of Tweetdeck or Twitter’s advanced search on desktop web.

Speaking of which, here’s an easy way to find your own tweets: drop in your web browser, and see what you get. That’d be a nice feature on mobile, too.