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Stephen Curry takes NBA scoring title as Warriors set up play-in with Lakers

Stephen Curry became the oldest scoring champion since Michael Jordan in 1998, finishing with 46 points as the Golden State Warriors held off the Memphis Grizzlies 113-101 on Sunday in

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Understanding the hidden burdens of motherhood

Thank you for publishing such an interesting and nuanced article written by Eliane Glaser (Parent trap: why the cult of the perfect mother has to end, 18 May). We need

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Tesla developing platform to allow car owners in China data access

U.S. electric-vehicle maker Tesla Inc said on Thursday it was developing a platform for car owners in China that will allow them to access data generated by their vehicles. Tesla,

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Twitter will make it easier to search your DMs, finally adds DM search to Android

Can you imagine being able to actually search Twitter to find a conversation, instead of just scrolling through endlessly to hopefully find what you’re looking for? That could be a

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Special Delivery from Tampa to Puerto Rico May Save Toad Species from Extinction

The only toad species native to Puerto Rico is now critically endangered, but ZooTampa contributed to the survival of this important species by sending thousands of recently hatched tadpoles to

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