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The age-old debate as to whether a Jaffa Cake is really a cake or biscuit has been argued for many years – and now McVitie’s have added fuel to the fire as it released Jonuts.

McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts have the same dark chocolate top, sponge and zesty centre as a Jaffa Cake, but in the shape of a doughnut style ring.

The new hybrid will be available to buy in Tesco stores from May 16 and other supermarkets at the end of June, reports Birmingham Live.

Individually wrapped Jonuts will be available for 60p, and four packs for sharing will also be on sale.

Tesco sparked a debate among shoppers on Twitter when it asked where they should be placed in its stores.

The supermarket tweeted: “Ok people, we need your help. Which aisle should we stock the brand-new Jaffa Jonuts? The cake, biscuit or donut aisle. Answers below.”

Whilst many argued it should be stocked in the cake aisle, there were a few slightly more controversial suggestions.

One person said: “The Bagel aisle; can’t decide between the cake or biscuit aisle, and as they have a similar resemblance to a bagel put them next to them!”

Someone else quickly shut down this suggestion, writing: “Bagels are savoury.”

Another wrote: “Cake after trying these the are certainly a cake and not a dried out biscuit like a normal horrible Jaffa Cake.”

“Pop them next to the gaming consoles. Both will go well together @jaffacakes, you’re causing chaos at supermarkets all over the UK,” joked a third.

A fourth begged: “Don’t start this again! We had enough of it in the whole ‘cake or biscuit’ debacle!!!

A fifth wrote: “The correct answer is of course, all three! These are bound to be a popular product.”

“Bestie they legit called ‘Jonuts’ they belong in the donut section,” but someone else said.